Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tool #10

Point 1: Be careful what you post online! Once something is out there, it can be seen by anyone, so keep your personal life off of the internet as much as possible.
Point 2: Do not be a cyber-bully! It is hurtful and just as wrong as physically bullying a person.
Point 3: Be careful when taking credit for things online. That being said, do not plagiarize! It is easy to copy and paste information from the internet, but that is illegal. Use the internet to research content, but come up with your own way to write it!

I would share Cybersmart Teens with my classroom. It talks about being careful on the internet, not befriending strangers online, and keeping your digital reputation clean for when students try to get a job in the future. Students can use this website when they need help in dealing with a difficult situation online. I think this is a great resource to show my students.

I would teach digital citizenship to my class by showing some of the videos from Cybersmart. After the videos, I would start a class discussion on what they think is appropriate vs. inappropriate online networking and what to do when they find themselves in an inappropriate situation.

I plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with my students' parents by sending home a contract to sign at the beginning of the year, along with their student handbook, explaining the expectations for the use of technology in the classroom. I will ask the parents and students to sign the contact stating that they have read about digital citizenship and will follow the rules while in the classroom.

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