Friday, May 24, 2013

Tool #3

I found Youtube to be the most effective for my content area. I am the most familiar with the video site, and the students are as well. I think it is helpful to use a site that the students can already relate to, and can easily access.

Voice Lesson - How to Breathe When Singing

This is a video from a voice instructor at Berklee School of Music on how to properly breathe when singing. This would be a good resource for my students to watch and learn the proper techniques of breathing when singing.

Song of the River - Owasso 6th grade Choir

This is a video of the Owasso 6th Grade Choir singing Song of the River. This is a song that one of my choirs has been working on, so it would be beneficial for them to listen to recordings of what the song should sound like.

Copyright and Fair Use can be slightly complicated at times. I found the Disney Clip video and the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education video to be interesting and entertaining ways to educate students and professionals about the law.

I think that DropBox is a great way to transfer files from my home computer to my work computer. It is also a good tool for students to access to turn in documents and view other documents from class discussions.

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