Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tool #9

1. It is important to tie technology to the objective being taught in class because students relate to technology based activities since they use it constantly in their everyday life. When students and teachers can find a common ground of teaching and learning strategies, it promotes a positive learning atmosphere. Creating a positive learning atmosphere is a key factor in a classroom, and technology can bridge that gap.

2. It is important to hold students accountable because it builds a sense of personal responsibility in each student. By assigning one or two students, per class, the job of keeping the classroom technology in order, it allows them ownership over something important. Holding accountability strengthens responsibility.

3. I visited Thinkfinity, and found it could be helpful in the middle school choir classroom. It was one of the few sources on the list that had information that applies to a music classroom. I would use this in the classroom as a way for students to learn more about the history of music and music in today's classroom. I could hold the students accountable for this station by having them write down three or four new facts they learned about music.
I also like Learning Games for Kids. There are some great music games on this site that the students can play to learn about music notes and music history. I like this tool because it seems like a fun way for the students to learn about music.

4. On the Ipads, students could use Itunes to listen to recordings of choirs singing songs we are learning in class. It is a good resource to use because it serves as an ear training activity for young musicians. Another app that could be useful in my classroom is Animoto. I have used this app before and found it to be a fun resource to create music video projects.

5. Another way that the students could use the ipads in stations is by having each station playing a different music game on each ipad. There are many music theory game apps that are fun ways of learning music theory. The stations could rotate once each member in the group has had a chance to participate in the music game.

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